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Bio-available Hormones

When you decide that you’d like to get your hormone levels tested in your bloodstream, to determine how much your levels have dropped, the hormones they test are called bio-available hormones, or sometimes referred to as free hormones. These hormones are hormones that are the unbound, biologically-active portion of hormones in the bloodstream. Bio-available hormones are doing their job on a cellular level.

Hormones can control their own levels through a process called binding, which will leave them inactive. When hormones are released into your bloodstream, 90-99% of them will bind to protein. These are bound hormones. These hormones then provide you a sort of reservoir of circulating hormones, though they are inactive, or they cannot bind with receptors to create a response. The hormones that do not bind with protein, and are left “free”, can then bind with your receptors and immediately go to work. Bio-available, or free, hormones are the only hormones that can actually make something happen.

By the hormones doing monitoring their levels on their own, it helps control the levels of bio-available hormones that are available to your receptors. Other glands in your body will readily release other hormones in order to keep the hormonal balance in your blood stable. When the hormones bind to proteins, it acts as a natural way for your body to prevent over-stimulation of the receptors.

Saliva testing has been labeled a more accurate way of measuring bio-available hormones. The timing of the testing can be closely monitored in order to take a sample at the most optimal time. Saliva also gives a better reading of hormones that have been absorbed into the tissue. So now, when you go to your doctor and he recommends a test of your bio-available hormones, you’ll have some idea as to what he’s referring to.





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